Best Textile Testing Equipment is in Textile Industry

Best textile testing equipment is in textile industry
Best textile testing equipment is in textile industry

Focusing on quality rather than quantity

The world has come to this stage where customers are more concerned about the product’s quality. In the past, people were used to wearing anything that they get cheaper, and now because of the advancement, people want quality in everything. Moreover, to maintain quality in the fabrics, they need to do air permeability test with the machine called air permeability tester.

Best air permeability tester

Our machine is very productive and of high quality. Many big companies are using our air permeability tester, and we have got 5 stars and 4 stars from all of them as this machine provide accurate results and will never give a wrong reading. You must use intact the piece of cloth in the right place, and you will get an accurate result. The machine is automatic and computerized. You do not have to do the old way, getting reading do mathematics and get a result. You can get direct results with this machine.

The process of the test

The machine is very simple to operate, but you have to do some learning before using it. Learning is always better than making mistakes in the measurement. Even the fraction of error can put many lives in danger; mostly this test is done to make parachute fabrics and raincoat fabrics. Most car companies and airbag manufacturer use this Air permeability test to test the quality of the fabric. That is why you must do the permeability test to make sure that your fabric is of good quality. The process is simple you just have to put a cloth in air permeability tester and then pass the air through it, the meter will tell you the reading of the air that is passed every second from the fabric.


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