Common Types of Personal Injury Cases


Personal injury law, which is also known as tort law, allows someone to pursue legal action against another party that caused bodily harm or some sort of injury or damages to the individual. There are many different types of situations that can lead up to a personal injury case, although not all injuries can be tried in a court of law as personal injury cases.  Here are the most common types of cases that a personal injury lawyer might take for a plaintiff:

Car Accident Cases

Car accidents are what causes the most personal injury cases in the United States. The vast majority of auto accidents are caused by someone not following the laws of the road or not doing what they are supposed to. Speeding, distracted driving, driving under the influence, and falling asleep at the wheel are some of the most common car accidents seen.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice claims and personal injury cases usually arise when someone in the medical or health care field fails to provide accurate, competent and proper care, and as a result of this the patient suffers some degree of harm. Medical malpractice lawsuits are some of the most complicated, and this is largely due to the face that so many laws regulate the medical profession!

Slip and Fall Cases

Another very common example of personal injury cases seen in courtrooms today are slip and fall cases. Property owners legally have to keep the property safe and if someone falls on the property and is injured they can be held responsible. Falling down the stairs in an apartment due to loose boards, slipping on a rug in the hallway of a hotel and similar accidents can all lead to personal injury cases.

Defamation: Libel and Slander

This is one of the more complicated of the personal injury cases because it involves proving intent and damages that were sustained due to what others have said about an individual. The average person often needs to simply prove financial loss due to untrue statements. Celebrities or public figures have to prove the untrue statements were made deliberately with the intent to cause harm.

Dog Bites

In most cases, the owners of a dog are financially responsible for bites and other injuries caused by the dog. There are some laws in certain states that make these cases a little more complicated but most of them come down to the dog’s owner having to take some sort of responsibility for the harm their dog caused to someone else. These personal injury cases often involve children and infants.

Assault, Battery and Intentional Harm

What sets these personal injury cases apart from the rest is the fact that they are not based on accidents caused by negligence or carelessness, instead a deliberate action done with the intent to cause harm. For example, someone attacks and hits another person they will likely be charged with assult and intentional harm. Many criminal cases involve an assault, battery or intentional harm aspect in some way!

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