Depression Quotes And Sayings About Life


Sometimes I think that alone, I would be happy if all the air I breathed left my body and went away forever …


I’m not angry at anyone who disappoints me, it’s generally my fault for waiting too long for others.

Solitude takes the soul to the solitary, and there, puts it in a mirror to see its marks and wounds


She’s smiling all the time, but no one knows the weight she (and) carries in her heart.


I know you have chest pain
and every day is yet another battle,
but run away from this dark room now,
for in life there is always love
somewhere out there.


We are eternal children
for a while they get lost trying to find each other
then meet again in the front bordering the white hair, if you understand me


Record this Russian expression for your life:
” If you wake up without feeling any pain, it’s because you’re dead. ”


“One of the things I hate most in this life is to say goodbye to the people I love most”


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“I feel the sun at dusk, the moon disappears. Dreams see nightmares, and the happiness becomes drops of homesickness from the sea of ​​sadness …”


“What are my tears in the midst of the storm? How do I know if I’m good, if the standard is to be bad? How to know if I’m right, when everyone says I’m wrong? I really do not know …”


Sometimes I regret not killing myself when I had the chance. But sometimes I think that would have been bullshit.


There is only one advantage of being depressed, the pain in the soul. If we feel this, it is because we have something special in us and we are not letting it bloom, so we continue to feel such ‘pain’ if you want, it is up to each one.


“The worst are not felt in the body, but in the soul.


Drugs, Money, for that, without all this I already cling to you


life always pegging a piece in people, there are those who are going there although they are coming is a cycle each of us has his opportunity is just to enjoy and have a little luck


Do not place happiness in physical things, in places, in people, it will always be inside and not outside.


There is no redemption
there is no impunity
there are interests
there are the punishments


Those who self-glorify, self-destruct.



29 pages have already passed and I do not know what to write about them anymore. The sun asks me to continue and the moon to give up.
Great friend sun I venerate your presence
Inestimable moon, you are my eternal guide.


The days fragment my bones, I breathe and continue to walk on a vast and dense quicksand that found me in the hitherto unknown paths in my mind.


I’m feeling here within my fragile perception that you’re getting a good face, even under a strong, turbulent depression.


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