How to Save Storage while Sharing Files with B6zip

How to Save Storage while Sharing Files with B6zip
How to Save Storage while Sharing Files with B6zip

What is B6zip?

Many people do not know about the marvelous software that helps you to save your


    • Time
    • space
    • storage


In this world, very everything is turning into HD and every data is of tremendous storage you can use B6zip to compress the data into a small file and extract it when every needed.

How b6z works what is the cost?

It is a free software which is mostly distributed under GPL v2 license and it provides large verity in compression of files through different methods such as LZMA2, LAZMA, DEFLATE, PPMD, and BZip2. B6Zip uses LZMA method to compress the files as default and some of the major features of B6zip are High compression Ratio, AES-256 encryption, open architecture etc.

How to compress a file?

To compress a large file into small the procedure is encoding the data in files using fewer bits then original files and it is mostly done when you have to make backup files or when you have to transfer data over a network with slow speed.


    • open B6zip software
    • open the files you want to compress
    • select the files you want to compress
    • right click> compress items
    • to decompress select the files and click decompress items


So these simple steps can help you to compress your most important files into backups and you can also send them to other people easily as compressed file will take less time to transfer from one place to another through internet then the original file. This software can make your daily office working life much easier then you expect.


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