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Blanka Barbara making her name in the ambient music world with “Summer Hideout”:

Blanka Barbara is one of the most promising female electronica artists to have walked on the UK land. Her brilliant production skills topped up by confident synth knowledge makes her one of the must-see artists. Yes, her style is rooted in the musical tastes of Jean-Michel Jarre and Brian Eno, which makes her music highly appealing to 4k monthly listeners on #Spotify only!

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Here you will find a link, which will take you to Blanka Barbara’s Spotify profile allowing you to delve into her style. You have to subscribe to her account to get all the latest updates from her newest albums. If you like electronica and ambient music then this is the right place to be. Have a listen to all tracks from her newest albums “Winter Awakens”, “Spring Bouquet”, “Summer Hideout”.

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The new “Summer Hideout” album:

If you feel close to nature, if deep ambient sounds are something you cave for, then you are invited to Blanka Barbara’s mesmerizing world. This short album tells a story of a summer vacation, shows you a place where you can hide and get lost in your own imagination. If you’d like to feel how real it is, just read through the names of the tracks to know what’s the story behind them:

  • Flying Ocean
  • Strawberry Fiends
  • Opium Fumes
  • Sunray Dive

These 4 tracks will take you far away and let you enjoy summer crawling through your headphones.

In short, I have to admit, Blanka Barbara is one of the few artists in the ambient electronic music world with a mesmerizing sound that makes you want to listen to her over and over again.

For full discography of Blanka Barbara and to find out more, follow the link:

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