Mosquito Lamp


The reason for developing MBOX:

Mosquitoes are becoming the major issue day by day. Prevention is the best method but being bitten cause serious circumstances. We have a great history in our fight against mosquito diseases.  The reason for developing the mosquito box is to protect people from mosquito diseases. The motivation of our company is to help people who caught mosquito diseases. By the growth of population, all old mosquito traps are outdated. We have proved us in developing the smart mosquito box.

How it works:

It works on the combination of methods especially to trap the female mosquitos

  • Co/H2o from the tio2 coated surface
  • Dark color design
  • Heat and spectral wavelengths from the CCFL/UV light
  • Attractants from bioagents

The female mosquito tracks the human by the presence of Co2 and H2o from up to 50 meters. Using the 360-degree special CCFL/UV light to lure female mosquitoes in the mosquito box that use lesser power.

Mosquito Box- Both indoor and outdoor usage:

It is designed for indoor usage, but it is capable of outdoor usage. The Mosquito Box attracts the mosquitoes and captures them. Mosquito box is the best device that it is the most effective one and 100% capture rate. You can keep it in your living room or bedroom to get rid of mosquitoes. You can also take mosquito box with you when you go to a picnic because it is capable of outdoor functioning.

Effective designing:

Our company is designing mosquito traps from 10 years. We prove to be very successful in this mission. MBOX is the most effective mosquito trap. It has an efficient design. Mosquitoes are spreading hundreds of diseases. More than 75,000 people die due to mosquito disease. So we have to design a most effective trap. MQOX proves our success in the mission to help people to protect them from such deadly diseases.

Contact us:

QM international limited – mosquito expert

36 South 18th Ave Brighton CO 80601

Whats app: (852) 95550154

Phone (852) 35687814

E-mail : qmcom hk

Owner : QM international limited


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