New Software Company WAVRIP Is On The Hunt For The Worlds Best Music Producers

New Software Company WAVRIP
New Software Company WAVRIP

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: LONDON, UK November 17 – Wavrip, a new online software company is dedicating itself to changing the way music producers sell their records, and how artists consume them. The company is strictly only allowing the best music producers the advantage of being able to sell on Wavrip, and becoming a certified “Wavripper.”

“You cannot just sign up or pay us to get a Wavrip account and expect to sell your beats just like that. There is no quality in that type of environment. We don’t work that way. We are very clear on our mission, and that is to work with only the best music producers on this planet. Every producer has to be approved, and we don’t take that lightly. Getting a deal with Waltrip will be the equivalent of getting a record deal.” – Will Zhong, CEO.

The new entertainment start-up has already accumulated a massive number of producer applications, but reviewing each producer one by one and making sure they are qualified is where Wavrip has the upper hand. When consumers go on Wavrip to seek high-quality productions, they can rest assured that their quality control standards have thoroughly checked every song and producer. Even their online merchandise store is only accessible if you are a certified Wavripper.

The company guarantees that no bad quality music will ever be sold on the site, and that violations in quality control will have serious penalties in every direction. The platform is made only for serious musicians and producers. Unlike competitors and other digital distributors, Wavrip simply does not allow public usage of their platform, keeping them unique as well as very exclusive for it’s producers.

“Once a producer is approved and signed on as a Wavripper, that is something to celebrate about. Great producers know that there are millions of poor quality sounds out there. So, becoming a Wavripper verifies their great quality of work. We want them to be proud that their work has attracted the likes of Wavrip.”

The company has already released it’s beta version and is accepting new applications from producers directly on their website

Wavrip is also in the process of building a new trusted app version for iPhone and Android users, as well as a bidding feature for high end productions used in movie scores and commercial distribution.


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