PKcargo services in uk to Pakistan and Kashmir


Door to door cargo services

There are various cargo companies in the world. But PKcargo services provide you the facility of thedoor to door cargo service. We provide you the best freight services in a very short time. We care your luggage during the transfer of goods from one place to another with our best and amazing services. Our trade suppliershave spread across all the countries especially in the United Kingdom and Azad Kashmir. Our door to door services are here, you don’t need to go to any other places for your luggage. Our offices and branches are spread across all over the Pakistan. If you are waiting for an awesome and fast cargo services then PK cargo services are here.

Our road, sea, and air cargo services

PKcargo services have many facilities for your comfort. There are different methods of transferring goods from one place to another. We provide you the road, sea, and air cargo services through ships,trains, trucks, and airplanes. Now a days air cargo is very popular service in the world. Air cargo is usually known as air freight. There are many trading aircraft for carrying cargo like An-124 and Boeing 747. PK cargo services deliver all types of cargo by road. Trains are usually used for the transferring of grain, steel, wood, coal, and water cement. A cargo ship carries goods and other stuff from one port to another port by sea. A shipping method is estimating include three factors such as cost, product characteristics and time. Usually, sea cargo takes a lot of time than air cargo. PKcargo services provide you all these facilities.

Our cargo Services

  • Air cargo
  • Ocean cargo
  • Auto shipping and exporting
  • Customs brokerage
  • Project cargo
  • NY cargo agents

PKcargo services to UK and Azad Kashmir

Our cargo services are specially designed to import and export goods from Pakistan to the United States and Azad Kashmir. We are offering you the low-cost services than other organizations. For this reason, PK cargo services have become most popular. We are pleased on our hard earned popularity as a ground breaking cargo forwarder with faith and determination. Global importer to the United kingdomrequires administrative efficiency and an in strength knowledge of customs agreement rules at a moment notice. PK cargo services device customs demolition and agreement programs to comfort imports into the United kingdom and Azad Kashmir in one smooth transaction.

Pakistan was the 56th largest goods supplier of United States in 2013.We import the goods from United States America such as used clothes, steel scrap etc. Our offices and branches are available in Mirpur and muzaffrabad Azad Kashmir. This is our responsibility to secure your goods during the cargo to Azad Kashmir on rocky and rugged roads.

The imagination of PK cargo services

Our vision is to provide you the best, fast and quality cargo services. Our first priority is to facilitate you by thedoor to door service. PK cargo services speed up your imports and save your money. We need your suggestions and feedback. If you have any problem about our services you can contact us.


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