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If you are willing to receive your trademark in India, then you are at the right place in this regard.

What is meant by trademark?

Trademark is a brand or specific logo that represents your business. If we say that it is a word signature, numerals or the combination of colors that are being used by the owners of the companies to distinguish their brand from others, then it will not be wrong. If you are willing to start your business and have something unique and you don’t want that your competitors will use your name, then you have to register your trademark against your brand. By doing this, you will make your name in the worldwide market.

Who can apply in India for a trademark?

Any person either he/she is individual or running a company, or any other legal entity who is claiming to be the sole owner of the trademark is eligible to apply for this. You can fill the application within few days and then can start the business by using TM symbol. The time required for this process will be with in the 18 to 24 months in working hours. After the approval, you can use ® your product name to make a great impact worldwide. India filings is one of the right places to register your trademarks and also to get solutions regarding all the trademark problems. If I could say, they are the best in the town in their field; then it will not be wrong.

The different functions of trademark:

There are many duties of the trademark, and some of them are here for you. Have a look on them to get a better understanding of these features.

    • They will identify the service or the products and also their source


    • They will also guarantee the quality of product


  • The best way to advertise the services and the products.


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