Taber Abrasion Tester TF214– The Best Device to Measure Wear Resistance

Taber Abrasion Tester TF214

What is Taber Abrasion Tester?

Before telling you about the prestigious place to get Taber abrasion tester for sale, let me tell you the benefits and usage of this exciting electronic wear resistance device.

Taber Abrasion Tester is an electronic device that is particularly used to determine the wear resistance of almost all kind of structures that includes leather, fabrics, paper, rubber, paints, coated materials,  plated surfaces glass and many others. It is one of the best devices that is used in the modern market to test the wear resistance of different materials. All international branded companies of pants, coated materials, glass, fabrics, rubber, and others are using it for the better results in determining the resistance of their produced products. Taber abrasion ASTM d3884 is best in the market.

How does the Taber Abrasion TF214 Tester work?

It uses the particular X pattern of produced abrasion that is usually created by the rotatory action of wheels. Two abrasive wheels are used in the Taber Abrasion TF214 Tester device that gives the rotatory function for the usage. The new method of testing that is abrasion testing, supplies with a wide range of specimen holders, auxiliary wheels and others. You can make a request for the abrasive wheels from China Taber Abraser manufacturers for Taber abrasion ASTM d3884. It is one of the conventional methods for measuring the wear resistance of different things. All the international companies who are producing above mentioned products are using this electronic wear resistance device.

Specifications of this device:

The Taber abrasion tester for sale has many specifications that you can avail in measuring the wear resistance of above-mentioned things.


    • It has grinding wheels of 2-inches that will make your work easier.


    • The wear round center has a spacing of 2mm. You can use this for things of 2mm with ease.


    • Gyration speed of 60 rotation per minute will help you in doing the work faster.


    • Its counter time is from 0 to 999.999 times.


    • The weight of the device is 60KG. You just have to set it once on your desired place. Apart from setting it in one place, you can also adjust it anywhere you want.


    • It works on 220/110 V power and the frequency required for this device is usually of 50 to 60 Hz.


    • The width of Taber Abrasion TF214 Tester is 380 mm and the length is equal to 530 mm. you can adjust it anywhere you want because of its low dimension.


    • The height of Taber abrasion ASTM d3884 device is equal to 380 mm.



Optional order on client’s request:

In addition to the above-mentioned specifications and functions, you can make optional orders on your request from China Taber Abraser manufacturers. You will get following below-mentioned things on your request for Taber abrasion tester for sale.


    • Grinding wheel CS -10 or CS – 17 or many others.


    • Paster of size 36.


    • Sandpaper of size 11 for removing the stains.



The standards of Taber Abrasion TF214 Tester:

This electronic wear resistance measuring device has many certifications from the standards measuring councils. Have a look at all of them to get better understanding about the standards of China Taber Abraser manufacturers.


    • ISO 5470


    • TAPPI T476


    • ASTM D3884


    • DIN 53754


    • DIN 53799


    • DIN 53109


    • CCC.5306


    • CCC.5309



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