The best RC Car with multi specification – FEIYUE FY -03


The best RC Car – FEIYUE FY -03:

If you are in search of best RC car, then your search will stop on FEIYUE FY -03. It has all the specification that can convert it into the world best RC car. You have to read the whole article to get the better understanding about this masterpiece. It will amaze you with its specifications and will give you many other pieces of information that will take you to another world. This car is based on the world’s new technology of remote control technology. Have a look at the specification of world’s best RC car.

This car is best for the amusement of your children. You will also love to control it with the remote that will help you in the enjoyment process. If I could say, this is the best car with the remote control feature; then it will not be wrong. Have a look at the best specifications of this best car.

A specification that will amaze you:

FEIYUE FY -03 is available in two different colors that are green and red. It has the big and vast wheel model size of 28x19x10.5 cm. 21 cm wheel-gauge size is also one of the best things about this car. The wheelbase and the wheel width are 18 cm and 3 cm respectively. You can ride it on almost any surface because it has the wheel diameter of 4.5 cm.

The best and the most prominent thing f this car is its heavy motor. The heavy motor will give you a chance to ride and drive it on almost every type of the road. You just have to control it with the remote that will be in the packet. The most important thing to every RC car is its range. You can control this car with the remote from 0 cm to 80 meters. That’s a quite extensive range. FEIYUE FY -03 charging time is equal to 2.5 hours. It means you can enjoy the controlling of car up to 2.5 hours without any interruption. The speed of this RC car is 35 km/h.

The protection features that you have to adopt:

You have to keep/make yourself up to date with the low voltage protection. The receiver will stop working when the voltage of batteries will be under 6.5 volts. The other thing that you have to remind in your mine is about the high-temperature pressure. When the receiver is working in higher temperature than the already set temperature, then the receiver will protect the drive and will control the circuit. It will work again after cooling down to adjust the temperature again to pre-set. These things are the protection features of this FEIYUE FY -03. You have to buy this for the enjoyment process and also for the amusement of your children.


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