The process of painting plastic miniatures

The process of painting plastic miniatures

One of the best part in war games and hobby dramas is setting up the essential pieces to be ready for the vital action and thrill. The painting plastic miniatures is the most important part of this. Apart from this, as it is the engaging process so it will take much time and patience. There are various type of gaming miniatures in the world. You have to select your own according to your needs. The miniatures can also be painted again according to your own desires and colors. You will require these things if you want any changes in your miniatures.


    • Acyclic paint


    • Flat clear acrylic


    • Acrylic gesso


    • Paint brushes


    • Dishwashing liquid


    • Water


    • Paper plates



The entire process of painting plastic miniatures:

You have to wash the miniatures with water or by using a mild rinsing liquid. Dish washing soap will be the best option for you in this regard because it is soft to hands. Leave the miniature for 15 to 20 minutes for the drying process.

You have to choose spacious and airy area for this purpose. Garden or hallway will be the best choice because it will require a lot of work. Therefore, show your patience in the painting process.

First of all, after cleaning the painting plastic miniature, you have to choose the new paint that you want to add on your miniature. You have to select with your maximum efforts because you are going to make it perfect from your side.

Mix the acrylic paint and gesso in small amount of water and then put them in the plastic plate for some time to dry. Take out the brush, put some paint on it and start painting plastic miniatures. You can erase the previous color with help of flat clear acrylic. It is the simple process of painting plastic miniatures. So, from now to onwards, you can easily paint your miniatures.


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