Watch Cricket to Stay Up to Date


Cricket is a thrilling game

There is a shadow of the doubt that cricket is the exciting game and it has a lot of cricket fans around the world that do not miss any match. With the passage time as the technology improved and people become busier than before. Cricket needed some changes to keep it thrilling and exciting to the fans. Otherwise, fans could have lost their interest in cricket, so ICC did an outstanding job by giving cricket fans more variety if games from a single game.

First, there were only test matches, players used to play for five days, and fans liked it because they had more time. But as time passed and people become too busy they invented a new game of 50 overs that is called one-day cricket match. Cricket fans watched it and enjoyed it but as you see how the world is changing so fast that nobody has a minute to waste so ICC introduced T-20 matches, and now you know that people are more found of T-20 games and their ratings are higher.

Live cricket is great experience

Watching cricket match after the match is passed there is no fun in highlights, and you would not be able to feel that thrill that you might think while watching cricket live and the future is uncertain. So yeah it is better if you watch matches live and get the first fun and get the most out of a cricket match.

Players work so hard, and there are thousands of people involved in a cricket match that comes on your TV screen, and you just sit back and enjoy so watch it live. But if you have a hectic life then you can watch the highlights, and that is an option for you, not an alternative, so you miss the match intentionally and then watch the highlights on cric u live dot com.

The World is changing fast

The World is changing very fast, and the technology that we use every day is also evolving with it. Mode of watching cricket has also changed with the time. First, there were only radios to stream live cricket and voice streaming was just source available. Then after the invention of satellite, there were live streaming of matches over the internet.

People were very amazed first to see color TV, but then they get used to it. Then they demanded more relaxation because with TV they had to bind to the color TV to watch the match.

Then it came toward live streaming over the internet with lots of new websites. Now you can watch cric online whenever and wherever you want. There are a lot of apps available too for mobile phones that allow you to view cricket on your mobile phone


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